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At J.R. Sash Window Repairs we pride ourselves on honesty and will only advise on what is truly necessary. 

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Security & Window Furniture

We offer the installation of speciality window furniture such as Brighton / Fitch Sash Fasteners, sash lifts and pulls in either brass , chrome or other finishes. Increase security with the installation of security barrel locks.

Replacement Pulleys

If your windows don't open or stay up, then there could be an issue with your pulley wheels or sash weights. But this can easily be solved by re-cording the sash windows and replacing the pulley wheels.


Are your sash windows painted shut, won't open or are just simply in need of some TLC ? 


We will give them the full treatment from top to bottom and have the sash windows running smoothly in no time.

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Do your sash windows rattle in the wind, or are you feeling the cold?


Our premium quality draught excluders are integrally fitted into your existing windows eliminating draughts, reducing noise, pollution and helping you save money on your bills. 

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J R Sash Window Repairs Secondary Glazin

Sometimes installing double glazed top and bottom sash windows is not an option. This may be due to conservation areas and listed building regulations.


If you are in this situation secondary glazing is a fantastic way to enjoy all the benefits of double glazing without removing original windows and compromising the character of your property.

J.R. Sash Window Repairs have bespoke luxury secondary glazing that works beautifully with your sash windows and property. It involves adding another slim-line window in addition to your existing windows which reduces noise, heat loss and condensation with our high performance secondary glazing solutions.

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